Home Audio

Stein has the ability to make your home come to life through sound technology. With our years of experience in the electrical sector, it was a natural fit to expand into home audio equipment and installations.

Stein is your first stop for quality multi-room sound systems, whether for a new build or a retrofit. Advanced audio technology is at your fingertips with Stein’s combination of the world’s best brands and custom designed installation. Multiroom audio, controlled with a touch of a wireless device, will fill each room with perfectly adjusted, high quality sound.


We’ve are experts on the top brands in home audio, multi-room and fully automated audio systems that you can operate at the touch of a button. We design 7.1 and 5.1 speaker systems to ensure you’ll love your new whole home sound, and you’ll love that behind the walls, the wiring is up to code, tested for the equipment you need, and easily able to handle all your electronics.


The Stein Audio team can handle every little detail and leave you with results you’ll love for years to come.